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Converted to .XPM in Sounds 001:

./01X/A00 Ephemerals.akp
./2600 Reloaded/BASS3488.akp
./2600 Reloaded/KEYS3475.akp
./2600 Reloaded/PERC3655.akp
./Classic Prophet/Minas.akp
./Classic Prophet/Motion Theater.akp
./D-Synths v1/All PCM.akp
./D-Synths v1/Ominous Strings.akp
./D-Synths v2/05 Tack 
./DX-TX v1/Pluk.akp
./DX-TX v1/VibraPhone.akp
./Drawbar Organs/Hammond 34.akp - done
./JD-Synths v1 Pads/HEARTS OF SPACE1.akp
./JD-Synths v1 Pads/ICEMAN 1.akp

Still to convert:

./JD-Synths v2/A-02 Perc Child 990.akp
./JD-Synths v2/I-54 Velo Syn Strin.akp
./JP-Synths/BASS 12.akp
./JP-Synths/LEAD 02.akp
./JP-Synths/SFX 01.akp
./JV-XP v1/040 Clear Guitar.akp
./JV-XP v1/047 Brass Mutes.akp
./JV-XP v2/070 Dimensional.akp
./JV-XP v2/078 Phaser MC.akp
./JV-XP v2/103 Translucence.akp
./JX-Synths/SYNC PAD.akp
./Juno Bundle/BASS 09.akp
./Juno Bundle/HOOVER 04.akp
./Juno Bundle/PULSE 08.akp
./Juno Bundle/SYNTH 12.akp
./K-Series v1/18 OB-Brass.akp
./K-Series v1/24 Terminator.akp
./K-Series v4/303 BassL.akp
./K-Series v4/KASTLET.akp
./K-Series v4/M-12 Sweep.akp
./KRZ Pianos/Pno & Syn String.akp
./KRZ-Series/Dual E Bass.akp
./KRZ-Series/Sfz Bone.akp
./M-Series v1/Atmosphere.akp
./M-Series v1/Bell Voice.akp
./M-Series v1/Echoes.akp
./Mini Classic/70sMiniSound.akp
./Mini Classic/Bass 05.akp
./Mini Classic/Lead 12.akp
./Modern Prophet/Chip Lead.akp
./Modern Prophet/Protocol Base.akp
./N-Series/Big Brass.akp
./N-Series/Mark Trees.akp
./OB Matrix/SOUNDPAD.akp
./Odyssey/BASS 04.akp
./Odyssey/LEAD 33.akp
./Odyssey/SYNTH 10.akp
./PPG Storm/PPG527.akp
./PPG Storm/PPG675.akp
./PPG Storm/PPG825.akp
./Pad Machine/PAD015.akp
./Pad Machine/PAD016.akp
./Red Nordic/02 Acid 1.akp
./Red Nordic/10 Brite Pad.akp
./SY-TG v1/Catharsis.akp
./SY-TG v1/DualTrmpts.akp
./SY-TG v1/Syn Bass.akp
./TRI-Series/Breathy Layers.akp
./TRI-Series/Hover Craft.akp
./Viral Basses/BsDanger.akp
./Viral Basses/Eastside.akp
./Viral Basses/UniBass.akp
./X-Series/41 Piano Heaven.akp
./X-Series/67 Poppin Pad.akp

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